’s Twitter Feed: A Feminist Odyssey

Scroll, scroll, scroll….

Hm,’s “14 Most Athletic Golfers of All-Time, Ranked.” Sure, I’ll click on that.

I wonder whether they included any female golfers. I mean, golf media doesn’t exactly have an awesome track record when it comes to covering the men’s and women’s games equally.

Oh, look: there are… three women on the list. Three of fourteen.

Better than zero!

And how about this write-up on Lexi Thompson?


That’s good: an acknowledgement that female golfers are “sold to the public” in ways that downplay their athletic gifts. Has suddenly become woke?

All right, let’s go back to Twitter….

Wait a minute.


That’s the photo is going with? To promote the very article in which a writer laments our collective focus on Lexi Thompson’s sex appeal?

But hey, at least Lexi is in workout clothes here. And she does look super fit. And I’m sure that if I scroll through’s feed, I will find plenty of serious, insightful coverage of female golfers doing golf-related things.


Um, at least she’s a golfer?


At least she’s… married to a golfer?

Okay, okay. Let’s not jump to conclusions. After all, this is a small sample size: just December 19-21. I’m sure that doesn’t do anything as systemically sexist as, say, maintaining a running list of the “Most Beautiful Women in Golf” while not having a similar feature for male golfers.




2 thoughts on “’s Twitter Feed: A Feminist Odyssey

    1. Thanks, Rob. As I have gotten back into golf over the past several months, I have noticed that certain major golf media outlets seem way behind the times on gender issues. To me, golfers like Lydia Ko and Ariya Jutanugarn and Lexi Thompson are enormously compelling AS ATHLETES. I just hope they get the same intensity of coverage for their athletic feats as male golfers do for theirs, and that Instagram stats count for less than competition stats.

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