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A Victory for the Movement to Save Sharp Park Golf Course

On December 15, two key San Francisco commissions approved a plan that would, in part, restore wetlands near Sharp Park Golf Course, a municipal track designed by Alister MacKenzie in 1930. Since this plan entails retaining rather than scrapping the Pacifica course, its approval counts as a win for the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance, which has long resisted the efforts of environmental groups to turn all of Sharp Park into a wildlife habitat. (more…)

Advertisements’s Twitter Feed: A Feminist Odyssey

Scroll, scroll, scroll….

Hm,’s “14 Most Athletic Golfers of All-Time, Ranked.” Sure, I’ll click on that.

I wonder whether they included any female golfers. I mean, golf media doesn’t exactly have an awesome track record when it comes to covering the men’s and women’s games equally.

Oh, look: there are… three women on the list. Three of fourteen.

Better than zero!


Early Debate around Tiger’s Chicago Project

A few hours after the Chicago Tribune broke the news of Tiger Woods’s involvement in the effort to renovate the city-owned Jackson Park and South Shore golf courses, I registered my skepticism on this blog. I admit that this response was premature; we will not know the details of this vast public works project, much less be able to assess its effects, until years from now. A couple of smart folks on Twitter, in that unmistakeable tone of mild social media annoyance, told me as much. While I still think my doubts are well founded (see: the general history of gentrification and the specific history of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the South Side), I do acknowledge the wisdom of chill the eff out and see what happens.

But I can still follow the debate, right?


Tiger’s Chicago Project: Quick Thoughts

News broke today that Tiger Woods, with the encouragement of President Barack Obama, has signed on to help transform Chicago’s Jackson Park and South Shore golf courses into a complex “that could host a premium PGA Tour event such as the BMW Championship.”

The whole affair savors of a well-planned rollout by Mayor Rahm Emanuel: ask the President to make a phone call, get the Big Cat on board, offer the scoop to a Tribune reporter, and watch the thing go viral. But the glittering names of Woods and Obama are a distraction here. The more important part of the story will play out over the next several months, as Emanuel and his allies try to sell Chicago on a $30-million plan to replace an affordable muni with an upscale championship track.